Canadian Responsible Investment Conference

Join us in June at the Canadian summit on socially responsible investment (SRI)

Join us June 18-20 at the Marriott Château Champlain in beautiful Montreal!

SRI+20 is your opportunity to learn about the latest SRI developments and opportunities, to roll up your sleeves and get high-quality technical education, and to examine the future of SRI over three days in Montreal.

We will be looking at the future of SRI, examining the opportunities that have brought us to where we are, and the possibilities ahead. This year’s theme, SRI+20, will set the stage for discussion on future opportunities and challenges. Building on the momentum leading up to the Earth Summit Rio+20 Conference we will feature a live presentation by videoconference from the Rio conference site.

We have full conference packages, as well as special discounts for students and SIO member advisors. The conference is being organized by the Social Investment Organization, in partnership this year with the Finance and Sustainability Initiative, organizers of the intensive sessions. We thank all of our sponsors of the 2012 conference.




Monday, June 18

The printed agenda will be posted here in a few days.

Simultaneous interpretation in French and English is available for all plenary sessions.

2:00pm  Conference Welcome
Conference organizers welcome you to the event

2:30pm Executive Compensation: Envisioning a New Approach
Mainstream approaches to executive compensation incentivize CEOs to do what it takes to maximize shareholder value – “the dumbest idea in the world” according to Jack Welch. Come hear about a new stakeholder approach to compensation. The smartest idea in the world? Bob Walker, Vice President, ESG Services for NEI Investments, will lead a discussion through the latest thinking on this timely issue.
Sponsored by NEI Investments

3:30pm  Break / Trade Show

4:00pm  ESG Fundamentals
Martin Grosskopf, Director, Sustainability Research and Portfolio Manager, Acuity Investment Management, discusses environmental, social and governance considerations as a source of investment value and risk mitigation.
Sponsored by AGF Investments

5:00pm  Investing in Green Real Estate and Infrastructure
Institutional investors are increasingly turning their attention to real estate and infrastructure as promising alternative investments. These asset categories not only provide income opportunities, but they also hold great potential to lower carbon footprints and improve the quality of life in cities and regions around the world. Experts from Aberdeen Asset Management and BC Investment Management Corporation will explore this topic.
Sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management

7:00pm An evening of entertainment and inspiration at …
Take a stroll, hail a cab, or hop on the Metro to Scena, Montreal’s stunning waterfront complex at Jacques-Cartier pier. Join us for an evening of great food, amazing entertainment and inspirational ideas. Claude Villeneuve, biologist and renowned Quebec environmental scientist will talk about climate change and the role of the investment industry. Prof. Villeneuve has a staggering list of achievements, including 14 film documentaries, 10 books and countless speaking engagements. “The most important role I can play on behalf of the environment is to inspire others to take part,” he says. “People need to know that they have the power to effect change and that every little action truly makes a difference.”
Sponsored by Desjardins and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec


Tuesday, June 19

7:30am  Breakfast

8:00am  Challenges to SRI: From mainstream to mainstreet
An independent consultant, Dominique Ferrand specializes in ESG issues and the tangible strategic concerns they raise. He will challenge our notion of “mainstreaming” responsible investment and call instead for mainstreeting it. Dominique is recognized for the rigour of his research. His clients include financial institutions, corporations and governments. He has been a member of the Desjardins Funds Environmental Advisory Group for 12 years.
Sponsored by Desjardins Funds

9:00am Concurrent Technical Intensives
Roll up your sleeves and do a deep dive into one of a number of intensive sessions aimed at increasing your SRI technical expertise.
Thank you to our sponsor CPP Investment Board for sponsoring these sessions, and to our partner Finance and Sustainability Initiative for organizing the speakers and topics.

1. ISR 101 – ISR d’aujourd’hui (in French)
Who should attend: French-speaking advisors interested in learning about SRI

2. SRI 101 - SRI Today (in English)
Who should attend: English-speaking advisors interested in learning about SRI

3. ISR 201 (in French)
Who should attend: French-speaking advisors with some knowledge of SRI

4. SRI 201 (in English) 
Who should attend: English-speaking advisors with some knowledge of SRI

5. Strategies for portfolio managers and analysts (simultaneous translation) 
Who should attend: buy-side and sell-side analysts; portfolio managers; ESG rating analysts

6. Impact investing and mission-related investing (in English) 
Who should attend: religious institutes; staff and investment committee members of foundations and endowments; high-net-worth investors; family office investors

7. Shareholder activism and engagement (in French) 
Who should attend: religious institutes; staff and investment committee members of foundations and endowments; high-net-worth investors; family office investors

10:30am  Break / Trade Show 

11:00am  Continuation of intensives

12:45  The New Rules of Green Marketing (For Advisors)
Enjoy lunch and a stimulating talk by one of the leading experts in green marketing in the US. Jacqueline Ottman, sought-after speaker and author of The New Rules of Green Marketing, will talk about how financial advisors can tap into the growing landscape for sustainable and socially responsible consumerism.
Sponsored by IA Clarington Investments

2:15pm  Concurrent Sponsored Workshops
Our sponsors offer short informative presentations on leading-edge products, trends or ideas.

3:00pm  Free Time
An opportunity to freshen up, have a meeting, or enjoy some R&R.

4:30pm  PRI and the Future of Investment
Wolfgang Engshuber joins the conference by videolink from Rio de Janiero, where he is attending the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Wolfgang will talk to us about about developments at Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and how the Earth Summit will impact on sustainable and responsible investment.

5:30pm  Reception / Trade Show

6:30pm  Dinner and SRI Distinguished Service Award
The dinner will conclude with the presentation of the third annual SRI service award, to be given to an outstanding member of the Canadian SRI community.

9:00pm  Party!
Our annual dance and party sponsored by Sustainalytics and Responsible Investment Group Inc. 


Wednesday, June 20

7:30am  Breakfast

8:00am  SIO Annual Meeting
 SIO’s annual business meeting. Reports from President Don Wilson and Executive Director Eugene Ellmen. Questions and comments welcome from members. Open to the public.

9:00am  The Importance of ESG Considerations in 21st Century Pension Management
Roland Lescure, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, will speak on how environmental, social and governance factors impact pension management.

9:30am  A New Stage of Growth: The Difference Impact Investment Makes
Impact investing in Canada has entered a new stage of growth over the past year. This panel will address the continuum of impact investing in Canada; from capital formation for investment to the differences being made in communities.
This session has been made possible by our Impact Investment Partners, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing and Assiniboine Credit Union

  • Christine Bergeron, Investment Manager, Community Capital, Vancity, Resilient Capital
  • Joanna Reynolds, Program Manager, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing
  • Dr. Marguerite Mendell, Professor and Vice-Principal of the School of Community and Public Affairs, Concordia University
  • Priscilla Boucher, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Assiniboine Credit Union

10:30am  Break / Trade Show

11:00am  SRI and Group Savings and Retirement
PRPPs and group savings are becoming as more important part of the retirement mix for Canadians. Claude Leblanc, Senior Vice President, Group Savings and Retirement for Standard Life Assurance, walks participants through the issues.
Sponsored by Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada

11:30am  Concurrent Sponsored Workshops
Our sponsors offer short informative presentations on leading-edge products, trends or ideas. A detailed agenda of workshop choices will be made available closer to the conference.

12:15pm  A Conversation with Former Prime Minister Paul Martin
Enjoy lunch and an informal talk with the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Martin will share his views on the role of the investment industry in meeting the social and economic challenges of the times. In conversation with Gary Hawton, CEO of Meritas SRI Funds, Mr. Martin will touch on a number of themes, including sustainable, aboriginal and impact investment.
Sponsored by Meritas SRI Funds

2:00pm Conference Close
The conference wraps up with a few concluding remarks from the organizers.



A Carbon-Neutral Event

The Social Investment Organization believes there is no substitute for bringing together our members, SRI thought leaders and others once a year to meet each other, learn, and discuss some of the most important issues of the day.

To compensate for the carbon cost of travelling and other aspects of the conference, the SIO purchases carbon offsets. The SIO is looking at a local organization to provide carbon offsets this year.

Green Marriott: The Spirit to Conserve and Preserve

The Social Investment Organization carefully considers the sustainability commitments and practices of the conference hotels and venues it chooses.

Marriott’s Strategy for Contributing to Environmental Conservation

“With an increase in global travel comes corporate responsibility for mitigating our business impact on the natural environment. Both in our hotels and beyond, we seek to understand and act on the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our business operations.”